CIVICA Ambassadors Forum on Recovery and Modernisation of Ukraine

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The International Student Conference “Civica Ambassadors Forum on Recovery and Modernisation of Ukraine” took place at SGH Warsaw School of Economics from 8 to 9 May 2023. The event was organised within the framework of the CIVICA for Ukraine project, funded due to NAWA, in cooperation with the Student Research Association on Recovery of Ukraine. The Forum gathered CIVICA Ambassadors from European universities and five universities from Ukraine. 

It aimed to increase interest in the current situation in Ukraine among European youth, to discuss issues concerning the recovery and modernisation of Ukraine and to inspire continued analytical work in this area.

During the two-day debates and discussions among students from different universities, invited speakers shared their opinions on the problems faced in the process of country recovery. Among the guest speakers were Professor Leszek Balcerowicz of SGH Warsaw School of Economics and Oleksandra Romantsova, Director of the Center for Civil Liberties, the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize winner. In the opening session, Maryna Popatenko, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, welcomed the participants, emphasising the role of young people in creating the future of Ukraine and their special voice in matters of recovering the country.

The meeting was dominated by the topics of nuclear energy development, environmental protection, as well as education reform and European integration. Working in thematic working groups, moderated by SGH students from Ukraine and CIVICA Ambassadors, as well as by KNEU expert Antonina Kutova, was an important part of the conference programme. A summary of the youth recovery vision for Ukraine will be published in a joint report.

Solomiia Hnidan, UCU: It was especially interesting to hear what vision European youth and the scientific community have for solving current problems and prospects of Ukraine within the framework of integration into the EU and reconstruction of Ukraine. One of the most memorable activities for me is presentations and brainstorming discussions within the framework of the rebuilding of Ukraine in various dimensions. In particular, I worked with issues of ecology and energy in Ukraine. All speakers and participants brought significant ideas and insights. I reckon they were extremely thought-provoking and highly precious.  The knowledge we all got is highly substantial for building our future. It is essential for Ukrainian youth to cooperate and integrate with the European community. We have many things to learn from one another. I admire the project organizers' position - there is nothing about Ukraine without Ukrainians, which is crucial. I am grateful that we were given a platform to raise important issues of today and contribute to the international discussion about Ukraine. 

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Artem Melnyk, KSE: I liked communication with foreign students, understanding their attitude towards Ukraine and cooperation in working groups, but two days are not enough for a live event. My key-takeaws is that foreigners understand what is happening in Ukraine (this is a little discovery for me), we need to start rebuilding Ukraine now. KSE already has a lot of research and expertise in the area of reconstruction. There are experts of the highest caliber who will be able to manage the reconstruction process.  I would like to continue to establish ties with leading European universities in order to work together for a common goal in the future.  

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Sofiia Pavlova, NaUKMA: The Forum has proved that universities are bound to play a pivotal role in the post-war recovery and modernization of Ukraine. They can provide high-quality research, expertise and platforms for dialogue. All these elements are necessary in order to effectively address the challenges Ukraine is likely to face after the end of war and to build a resilient, prosperous society.

Oleksandra Kachynska, KNEU: I did enjoy working in thematic WGs, sharing and listening to various opinions and creative thoughts on different aspects of rebuilding Ukraine. Through student interaction, there were developed interesting arguments on the future of Ukraine. I think CIVICA for Ukraine is a great project that can help Ukrainian students in various ways on their educational journey. 

The Forum was accompanied by the Trypillia Festival of the ancient culture of Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, including ceramics workshops.

The CIVICA Ambassadors Forum on Recovery and Modernisation of Ukraine is another step towards supporting Ukraine in the process of rebuilding this country and mobilising the international community.

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