CIVICA acting with SGH students in mind

Wykres: Rozszerzony sojusz CIVICA połączy ponad 72 000 studentów i badaczy po studiach doktoranckich oraz 20 000 pracowników akademickich i administracyjnych w całej Europie.

Work Package 9: CIVICA Community and Identity

In March, together with other partner institutions at the Consortium of CIVICA The European University of Social Sciences, the SGH Warsaw School of Economics filed with the European Commission an application to extend the European University Status for CIVICA and award funds for its joint efforts in 2022-2026.

The filing saw an end to many months of consultations, meetings and preparations concerning the new measures and budget for the following four years. The process of admission of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics to the Consortium of the European University commenced with His Magnificence Rector prof. Piotr Wachowiak appointing a dedicated panel team to identify such a European University network which would best suit the profile of our School. We conducted multi-dimensional consultations with partner institutions involved in the Consortium, and in November 2021 signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the admission of SGH to CIVICA. With that document executed, the SGH Warsaw School of Economics gained access to all management structures of the CIVICA Consortium and the events they organise.

Preparing the application to extend the Consortium’s operations for another four years involved multi-level efforts. The consortium reviewed the Work Packages (WPs) that have been applicable so far. WPs were allocated to each institution depending on its profile and experience, as well as its know-how in the given field. Given the pro-student profile of SGH and the unprecedent activity of its students’ union, student organisations, as well as individual students, our School decided to prepare and implement a package concerning student commitment to the European University project, i.e., WP9: CIVICA Community and Identity.

On 23 March, the Consortium of CIVICA The European University of Social Sciences which includes prestigious European higher education institutions providing degrees in social sciences, presented its vision for 2030, an element of which involves establishing a university of the future. Two new institutions joined the alliance (SGH Warsaw School of Economics – Poland, and the IE University – Spain), growing the membership to ten. Apart from its new members, CIVICA includes the Bocconi University – Italy, Central European University – Austria, European University Institute – international, Hertie School – Germany, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration – Romania, Sciences Po – France, Stockholm School of Economics – Sweden and The London School of Economics and Political Sciences – United Kingdom.

The chief objective of WP9 is to cultivate a committed CIVICA student community and develop its joint identity, deeply rooted in European values and legacy. This package will be implemented through various measures, such as designing and implementing systemic support frameworks to increase the students’ commitment and their feeling of belonging to the CIVICA alliance; supporting the establishment of contacts, executing joint projects and growing the potential and competence of students; strengthening the feeling of community and unity among CIVICA students through inter-institutional projects and initiatives and developing a common identity through value-based projects and initiatives related to European culture and its legacy.

Over the four years in which the project will be implemented, we are planning, among other things, to appoint a CIVICA students’ union which will take part in the decision-making and advisory process within the Consortium, continue the CIVICA Ambassadors initiative, establish a fund to implement student projects, and organise sports and cultural events. Furthermore, the SGH community will be able to participate in many measures designed within other WPs and managed by other members of the Consortium.

Awaiting the final decision of the European Commission and the assessment of our application, SGH is actively engaged in the efforts made within the individual packages at the current, first stage of the project. Our active involvement at this stage will allow us to swiftly engage in all areas of WP9 after the decision is issued on the continuation of the project’s second phase.
We are also strengthening our relations with CIVICA partner institutions and the CIVICA Secretariat. Throughout the past few months, we have held several dozen meetings and consultations online. Our Vice-Rector for International Relations, prof. Jacek Prokop, has taken part in a CIVICA strategic seminar in Paris. In turn, on 13 and 14 April, SGH hosted representatives of CIVICA –– Kate Vivian (Acting Vice President for International Affairs, Sciences Po/Head of CIVICA Steering Committee) and Aureliena Krejbicha (CIVICA Executive Director). During their two-day visit, our guests were able to learn more about our institution and the city of Warsaw through meetings with representatives of the SGH community (academic and non-academic employees as well as student representatives) and thanks to a visit to our campus.

The International Centre, which coordinates the process of SGH’s participation in the Consortium of CIVICA The European University of Social Sciences, would like to take this opportunity to thank our whole community – scholars, employees, doctoral students and students – for their immense support and help in preparing the application and professional representation of our School during the meetings with the Consortium. We would like to extend our special thanks to the Students’ Union of SGH – Chairman Wojciech Godlewski, Vice-Chairman for Education Quality – Adrian Zontek, and the Plenipotentiary for International Relations – Karolina Modrzejewska.

KATARZYNA KACPERCZYK, director of the International Centre at SGH Warsaw School of Economics
MAŁGORZATA CHROMY, deputy director of the International Centre at SGH Warsaw School of Economics


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