Material support

material support

From the very first days of the invasion on Ukraine, SGH Warsaw School of Economics has been hosting refugees, mainly mothers with children who, apart from handy, hurriedly packed luggage, have nothing. Every day our bus delivers the necessary articles, medicines and food to the "SGH assistance point", located at the Polish-Ukrainian border in Zosin. On the way back we bring refugees, who find a safe place to stay in our dormitories. Therefore, we constantly ask for help and support of the entire academic community, so that we can arrange the warmest welcome to the families on our campus, as well as support people at the Polish-Ukrainian border. We invite you to participate in a material collecting, organized as part of "SGH for Ukraine" initiative.

The goods collection is managed in the MS Teams "SGH for Ukraine - goods collection" - team code: g8l6443, where you will also get the update on the most urgently needed goods, as well as surpluses.