The Oscar evening in a business edition


A red carpet, beautiful creations, spotlights, nominations and statuettes - we all know what the Oscar Awards look like and what emotions the ceremony arouses. On January 10, 2019, business world personalities gathered in the beautiful Library scenery of SGH Warsaw School of Economics - it was not an Oscar evening, but it was as important a ceremony for SGH Warsaw School of Economics as the Oscar Awards for the world of film. That day, the representatives of 20 companies - current members of the SGH Partner Club – entered the stage in the spotlight and during the jubilee gala of the 20th anniversary of the existence of the SGH Partners Club, the rector prof. Marek Rocki, the Vice-Rector for cooperation with the environment and prof. Hanna Godlewska-Majkowska granted them symbolic distinctions in four categories.

If we followed fashion and trends, we would probably create hashtag #20na20 to underline the importance of the indicated event. However, drawing from experience of these 20 years of cooperation, we know perfectly well that there are values far more important than temporary trends, and it is thanks to these values that we can celebrate today surrounded by friends. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the hashtag #klubpartnerowsgh.

Over the past 20 years, a lot has changed both in the composition of the SGH Partner Club and in the main assumptions of the club – however, the main idea has remained unchanged: supporting SGH in its quest to strengthen the position of the best economic university.


Twenty outstanding companies, dedicated friends of SGH Warsaw School of Economics from various sectors, united for one purpose. Currently, they form the SGH Partner Club. We can group them in the categories presented below.

All these companies jointly as well as separately, implementing their business strategies, cooperate with SGH on at least four levels: employer branding and recruitment, education and science, strengthening SGH's potential and social projects. As the Vice-Rector of SGH, prof. Marian Geldner, said in an interview in 1998: ‘It is necessary to exchange information from the world of economic practice, from the world of business with SGH Warsaw School of Economics as an educational institution [...] which adapts the profile of a graduate even more perfectly to the needs of economy. It serves the companies that employ our graduates, it serves our graduates in shaping their professional careers as well [...]. One of the measures of the quality of our work is the quality of the graduate, but also the path of the graduate’s career, the pace of promotion, the positions held in business practice ...’ The timelessness of the aforementioned statement, its timeliness and maturity will also be our motto in the next 20 years!

Victor Hugo used to say that ‘the future has many names. For the weak it means inevitability, for the fearful it is unknown, and for the brave it means a chance.’ Thinking about the future of the SGH Partner Club, we want to see only opportunities, chances for further cooperation, for new projects and finally for development in order to be able to meet the increasing expectations of both business and our students. The world is said to belong to the brave - so the world is ours!


Let's go back for a few moments to the year 1998, when the rector prof. Janina Jóźwiak and 12 companies established the SGH Partner Club...
Initially, the idea behind this project was to create a consultation forum on shaping the teaching system so that it responded to the needs of business. On April 3, 1998, the Partnership Agreement for SGH Development was signed by:

• Asea Brown Boveri sp. z o.o.
• A.T. Kearney sp. z o.o.
• Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. – Grupa Pekao S.A.
• Ernst&Young S.A.
• „Gazeta Bankowa”
• Giełda Papierów Wartościowych S.A.
• Henkel Polska S.A.
• Kraft Jacobs Suchard Polska sp. z o.o.
• Petrochemia Płock S.A.
• Polski Bank Rozwoju S.A.
• Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A.
• Procter&Gamble Operations Polska S.A.

Four of the indicated companies have been staying at the SGH Partner Club for 20 years, constantly supporting us with both their knowledge and experience. And although the logos of some companies do not currently hang on a brass plate next to the entrance to the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, they still remain the university's allies and support its development on many fronts (e.g. Henkel).