SGH provides opportunities for growth, learning, and networking that are unmatched

grafika Ziemi

Dear Readers,
as more and more students from abroad join our family, the Council of PhD Student Union would like to give another international student a chance to introduce himself and tell us why he has chosen our university. We sincerely hope that an essay from Yuanping Yu will bring us closer together and allow us all to notice yet another reason to be proud of being part of the SGH community.
JOLANTA BARTOSZEWSKA, Head of the Board of the PhD Student Union

YUANPING YU, doktorant Szkoły Doktorskiej SGH

As a doctoral student at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, it is my great pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Yuanping Yu, originally from Sichuan, China, and currently residing in Warsaw, Poland. I obtained my Master’s degree in International Relations from both Lazarski University and Coventry University. I have chosen SGH as my academic destination because of its excellent reputation as a leading institution of higher education in Poland and beyond. The university’s commitment to providing students with an exceptional academic experience, outstanding research facilities, and a diverse international community made it the perfect choice for me.

I vividly recollect receiving the interview notice after applying for a doctoral degree at SGH last year. I experienced a combination of excitement and nervousness, contemplating various academic debates that may have arisen during the admission process. Nevertheless, upon arriving for the interview, I found myself at ease despite being seated across from numerous professors from diverse disciplines. All the teachers were welcoming and friendly, making every moment of the interview enjoyable. I am thankful to the dean and professors of the SGH Doctoral School for their support and trust that gave me the opportunity to study and pursue advanced studies in such a prestigious institution of higher education in Poland.

Since joining SGH, I have had many great academic experiences, which include interacting with other doctoral students from different disciplines, sharing knowledge and experiences, and learning from the best scholars in the field. I have participated in various activities and events organized by the university for doctoral students. I attended meetings and workshops for doctoral students where we received valuable advice and guidance from our professors in our PhD studies. In addition, I took part in SGH’s annual doctoral conference, where I met with other doctoral students from other universities, received feedback from field experts, and built networks with other scholars.

Furthermore, I am an active participant in the SGH community as a member of the CIVICA think tank, a student-led organization dedicated to fostering academic excellence, promoting cultural diversity, and cultivating social responsibility among SGH students. Meanwhile, as a CIVICA member, SGH provides students with multiple opportunities to enhance their academic and social experience. Students can not only participate in activities organized by SGH, but also attend training sessions and seminars organized by other universities that are CIVICA members, thus gaining a wider learning experience. I had the privilege of attending a workshop on Introduction to higher education teaching conducted by Dr. Annika Zorn of Hertie University, where I learned how to design engaging courses through formal assessment, inclusive classroom teaching, and best practices in course design. This experience not only allowed me to acquire new teaching skills and knowledge, but also gave me the opportunity to communicate and share experiences and insights with peers from different backgrounds and fields.

SGH provides opportunities for growth, learning, and networking that are unmatched. I am honored to be part of this prestigious academic institution and extend my heartfelt appreciation to all faculty members, student unions, and fellow students for their constant support and encouragement. My experiences at SGH have been invaluable in shaping me into a well-rounded individual and a competent researcher. I look forward to continuing my academic journey and making positive contributions to SGH and the academic community.

YUANPING YU, PhD student, The SGH Doctoral School






此外,作为CIVICA智库的一员,我积极参与华沙经济大学的校园活动。CIVICA智库是一个旨在促进学生的学术卓越、文化多样性和社会责任的学生组织。同时,作为CIVICA联盟的成员,华沙经济大学为学生提供了各种机会,以提高其学术和社会经验。学生们不仅可以参加由华沙经济大学组织的活动,还可以参加由CIVICA联盟其他成员大学组织的培训会和研讨会,从而获得更广泛的学习体验。我有幸参加了由Hertie大学Annika Zorn博士组织关于高等教育教学导论的研讨会。在研讨会上,我学习了如何通过正规评估、包容性课堂教学和最佳课程设计实践来设计引人入胜的课程。这个经历不仅让我获得了新的教学技能和知识,而且也让我有机会与来自不同背景和领域的同龄人交流,分享经验和见解。