SGH the best business school of the year 2022/2023 of the CEMS alliance

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SGH Warsaw School of Economics was ranked first among 33 universities in the CEMS (Global Alliance in Management Education) program. The prestigious title of school of the year within the alliance (CEMS School of the Year 2022/2023) was awarded to SGH on December 9 at a gala event in London.  

"We are very happy and proud that SGH Warsaw School of Economics has won the title of CEMS School of the Year 2022/2023. This is a unique distinction: we became the best school among 33 member schools of the program, and this obliges. This is not the first time we have received this laurels. In 2017, we received the award in Sydney. Now we are guests at the gala event in London together with CEMS graduates from SGH. This shows that as a leading economic university in Poland we count in the category of business schools in the world." – Rector and Professor of the SGH Piotr Wachowiak said.

"We would not have achieved our success without the effort and great commitment of those working on the CEMS program, on its offerings. Cooperation with corporate partners was also important in this process. I would like to thank everyone for contributing to the success of our university, especially the supporters Santander and Mastercard." – Rector Wachowiak outlined.     

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"This is a great honor for us. It proves that the program implemented at our university within the CEMS network is very good and, above all, that it is well perceived by students. This is not only about the substantive aspects, but also about the organizational dimension," Vice Rector for International Relations and Professor of the SGH Jacek Prokop noted in an interview with Gazeta SGH.

During the CEMS graduation ceremony in London, 868 of this year's 1,265 graduates of the program received their diplomas. Among the graduates were 40 people from SGH.

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At the most important event of the year for the CEMS alliance, we were represented by a delegation consisting of SGH Rector Piotr Wachowiak, Vice-Rector Jacek Prokop and the management group: CEMS Academic Director - Professor Miroslaw Jarosinski, CEMS Program Manager at the SGH - Grzegorz Augustyniak and CEMS Corporate Relations Manager at the SGH -Aneta Szydlowska.

The title of "CEMS School of the Year" is awarded to the best school among the top three schools in the alliance on the basis of a vote by the CEMS Academic Committee based on student evaluation in all elements of the program (classes, workshops, business project, block seminar, Global Citizenship Seminar or International Internship), student service, involvement of corporate partners and alumni, and CEMS club activities.

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CEMS is a global alliance formed by 33 top business schools, more than 70 corporate partners and eight community partners. The universities and companies run a joint CEMS Master's in International Management program. The alliance has set itself the goal of educating future leaders of the international, multilingual and multicultural business world. SGH is the only university in Poland to belong to the global CEMS alliance.

More information about CEMS program at the SGH, and even more information also here.