Tests of Statista - statistical database and market guide - for the SGH community

SGH Library have launched tests of Statista (statistical database and market guide) for the SGH community. The tests will last until the end of 2022. 

The SGH Library offers many databases, including statistical databases such as Passport, CEIC and statistical-market databases such as EIKON+Datastream, EMIS.

Databases are made available remotely after selecting the appropriate database from the list from the website and after loging in (login and password as for SGH systems). 

The EIKON +Datastream database is available stationary in the library building, on the ground floor in Room 9. 

On this occasion, we want to conduct a short survey on the usefulness of databases in your work and studies


Statista is one of the world’s largest statistics and market data platforms, popular because it fits today’s way of working so well. You can imagine a search engine that only reaches valid information from trusted sources, which’s scale and appearance you can customize in many cases and implement into your workflow with a few clicks. All content is displayed in a comprehensive manner and the platform allows for an intuitive navigation to focus on your research and nothing else. Statista enables access to more than 1.5 million statistics, forecasts, dossiers, reports and infographics and our own survey on 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources.

The STATISTA base is operating until the end of the year under testing.

Access to the database is possible only in the university network, i.e. at the university and via remote access, for authorized users, who are students, PhD students and employees of the Warsaw School of Economics.

Here is the link to the webinar about STATISTA.