CEMBA: More than a diploma

studenci CEMBA

The dynamically changing job market requires continuous improvement of skills, which for many professionals is not just a choice but a necessity for career success. The CEMBA programme (Canadian Executive Master of Business Administration) meets contemporary professionals’ requirements and transforms the approach to business education.

In 2024, the CEMBA programme took first place in the prestigious MBA Perspektywy ranking, making it the best Executive MBA programme in Poland.

What is CEMBA?

CEMBA is an advanced programme for senior-level managers, integrating key aspects of business management, leadership, and innovative strategies. Created as a joint venture between SGH Warsaw School of Economics and Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), it offers the highest level of instruction, language enhancement (all classes are conducted in English), and international recognition. Graduates receive a postgraduate diploma from SGH and an original Master of Business Administration degree from UQAM, recognized throughout North America, which is also an asset in the business world.

Key features of the CEMBA programme:

Adaptation to the professional schedule: CEMBA has been optimized to allow working professionals to continue their careers. Flexibility is a priority; participants can spread the programme over three consecutive editions. This allows them to integrate better learning with their professional and personal lives. Additionally, classes are held both online and on-site. On the one hand, this allows learning from anywhere and at any time, and on the other hand, it strengthens team bonds and enables direct contact with lecturers and guests.

Experienced faculty: All programme lecturers have extensive practical experience in the business field, enabling them to understand participants’ issues well and demonstrate specific business practices. This ensures a practical and up-to-date approach to class topics, following the principle of “…if you want improvement, start with yourself”. We have assembled a team that interacts excellently with participants and devotes time to them, even outside classes. Students appreciate this. It is enough to say that the average rating obtained by lecturers in the last edition on a scale of 0-7 is 6.4.

Internationalization: This aspect involves conducting studies in collaboration with foreign partners. The CEMBA programme brings together students from 5 continents, allowing for the exchange of experiences and perspectives on business issues. Such international diversification prepares students for work in the global business environment. Additionally, an integral part of the study programme are so-called study visits. In the last edition, we went to Canada and Silicon Valley. In Poland, CEMBA also cooperates with twin programmes in other countries within the UQAM-MBA network. As part of the SGH community, the CEMBA programme is subject to evaluation by accreditation bodies such as AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB.

Achievements and rankings: In 2024, the CEMBA programme was first in the prestigious MBA Perspektywy ranking, making it the best Executive MBA programme in Poland. This confirms the high quality of education.

Benefits of completing the CEMBA programme:

Advanced managerial skills: CEMBA graduates possess comprehensive knowledge and skills in management, leadership, and business strategy, enabling them to perceive business problems comprehensively.

Business network: Through the international CEMBA community, graduates build valuable business relationships and gain access to a global network, opening new professional and business opportunities.

Increased earning potential: Holding a CEMBA title can significantly increase potential earnings of graduates, as many employers value the advanced qualifications and skills acquired during these studies.

Continuous improvement: Education within the CEMBA programme continues after passing exams. Graduates can participate in various meetings and activities outside the compulsory programme. Additionally, they can share their knowledge within the CEMBA Hub, where they exchange experiences with others. Some appear in the programme as lecturers. One of our graduates has been selected as the best lecturer in the last two editions.

The CEMBA programme is not just another business course; it signifies a continuous change in the approach to business education, enabling career success in today’s competitive business environment. CEMBA prepares future leaders ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The new XXX edition of the programme will begin soon, offering an opportunity for career development to yet another group of managers.  


DR HAB. GRAŻYNA ANISZEWSKA-BANAŚ, prof. SGH, CEMBA Program Director, Department of Management Theory, SGH Collegium of Management and Finance; IZABELLA GIELNICKA, CEMBA Program Administrator; PIOTR GÓRSKI, CEMBA Program Manager - coordinator