The German-speaking Summer School of SGH Warsaw School Of Economics

The German-speaking Summer School of SGH Warsaw School Of Economics

The ninth edition of The German-speaking Summer School of SGH Warsaw School of Economics titled "Difficult partnership? Economic, political and social relationships between Poland and Germany" was organized on 01-13.09.2019. This time the main subjects were the economic, political and social relationships in the context of crisis in Europe and the Polish political development in the face of the coming October 2019 parliamentary elections.

The Summer School is addressed to economic and social sciences and humanities students and graduates interested in economical, political, social and cultural relations between Poland and Germany.

This subject once again aroused significant interest, in particular due to its interdisciplinary scope. 26 students from German universities enlisted to participate in the summer school. DAAD awarded 14 individual scholarships in the framework of the Go-East programme. Apart from 14 holders of scholarship another 3 students participated in the Summer School covering their own expenses.

Students could take advantage of another form of financing: resources of Sanddorf Foundation in Regensburg which financed participation of 4 Polish and 7 German students in the Summer School. Therefore the international nature of the Summer School was once again reinforced.

28 students from German and Polish universities, including 7 students of Polish nationality, and 17 lecturers participated in the 9th edition of the Summer School. Participants realized diverse and intense 52-hour long programme (32 hours of lectures, workshops and field trips; 12 hours of Polish language course concluded with an exam in the form of presentation). Apart from the lectures concerning various branches of science the Summer School offered numerous possibilities for integration of students from various universities and for learning about Polish society and culture including tour of Warsaw, museums and exhibitions in capital of Poland and three day trip to Cracow, saline in Wieliczka and Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum.

According to internal evaluation Summer School was very well received by participants and met their expectations. Interdisciplinary and international nature of the Summer School was emphasized in particular.

Current director of the Polish-German Academic Forum, dr hab.Jürgen Wandel prof.SGH Warsaw School of Economics was responsible for the scientific subject-matter  and organizing Summer School.

For SGH Warsaw School of Economics Polish-German Academic Forum these two weeks at the end of summer are one ofthe most important events of the academic year.