SGH opens exhibition commemorating President of the Republic of Poland Stanisław Wojciechowski

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On 12 October this year, the SGH Warsaw School of Economics opened an exhibition commemorating professor Stanisław Wojciechowski, President of the Republic of Poland. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Rector of SGH, dr hab. Piotr Wachowiak, prof. SGH, accompanied by Vice-Marshall of the Sejm Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska, great-granddaughter of the “President from SGH.”

“Apart from the car in which Mr President would ride, you may also enjoy the exhibition presenting the figure of prof. Stanisław Wojciechowski, who was employed at SGH from 1919 to 1939,” Rector Wachowiak said.



He thanked the team at the Department of Economic and Social History at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, especially dr Jerzy Łazor who originated the idea for the exhibition, as well as prof. Andrzej Zawistowski and prof. Jacek Luszniewicz who contributed to developing the content for the exhibition. The Rector also addressed words of gratitude to Mr Jacek Morawski who was responsible for the graphic design.

“Surely, it is worth remembering the values that guided Stanisław Wojciechowski every day. In life, in any action taken in the public forum, values are of immense importance. Without them, we would not be able to do anything positive. Following them is not always easy. Very often, they require bravery and sacrifice from us, but they really give us a lot,” Vice-Marshall Kidawa-Błońska said.

She also expressed her appreciation towards the management of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics for the fact that it was precisely the system of values followed by President Wojciechowski on which the School based its celebrations of the 100th anniversary of his election to the highest office of the state.

In reference to the Rector’s statement that Stanisław Wojciechowski preferred riding a droshky to using the government motorcade, Vice-Marshall Kidawa-Błońska observed that this was due to a practical necessity. “There were horses at Belweder. And as you know, horses should move about and run around. That is why, on a daily basis, they rode a droshky, and used the cars only on special occasions. Prudence and a practical approach – this was what characterised Stanisław Wojciechowski,” she added.

prof. Wachowiak i wicemarszałek Kidawa-Błońska

The exhibition is the first in a series of events planned to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Stanisław Wojciechowski being elected President.

A seminar prepared by the Department of Economic and Social History titled “Stanisław Wojciechowski – politician, social activist, university teacher” will be held on 18 November. Together with it, there will be a chance to enjoy an exhibition of academic and journalistic works of Stanisław Wojciechowski, prepared by the Library of SGH.

The culminating point of the celebrations are the events planned for December 2022; this is when the plaque commemorating President Wojciechowski and his ties with the SGH will be unveiled. We are also planning further exhibitions and film screenings.

The SGH Parachute Hall now features an exhibition with a replica of CWS T-1 Torpedo, manufactured in 1925.


The vehicle was part of the Garage of the Office of Adjutant-General, and later of the Motorcade of the Military Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Poland. The cars of the Castle Motorcade served Presidents of the Republic of Poland between 1922 and 1939. The Garage of the Office of Adjutant-General, also known as the Belweder Garage or Belweder Motorcade, was renamed in 1923 as the Motorcade, or the Castle Motorcade.

In 1922-1926, the Motorcade served President Stanisław Wojciechowski during his national trips, together with the chief officers and employees of the Civil Office and Military Headquarters of the Republic of Poland. It was also used for international guests during official state visits.

The representative fleet included large, powerful open and closed Type 57 Cadillacs from 1918-1919, with eight-cylinder 70 KM engines, as well as V63-Eight cars of the same make with eight-cylinder 83 KM engines, manufactured in 1924. The motorcade was at the disposal of the Head of the Office of Adjutant-General, Colonel/Brigadier-General Mariusz Zaruski. The Belweder Motorcade was headed by Captain Andrzej Meyer, reporting to the Head of the 1st Car Division in Warsaw.

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President Stanisław Wojciechowski was not a car enthusiast. Apart from his official trips, he used cars to travel with his family to the hunting lodge in Spała every Sunday; he also spent his holidays there. The President was usually accompanied by one security car.