SGH graduates continue to be sought after in the labour market – the 2023 Perspektywy ranking has been announced

a group of people holding their framed diplomas after the 2023 Perspektywy ranking was announced

The results of the 2023 University Ranking published on 29 June by the “Perspektywy” monthly show that the SGH Warsaw School of Economics kept its top spot among Polish business schools, ranking 1st in the category of “Schools of Economics.” SGH has overtaken the Kozminski University (2nd place) and the Poznań University of Economics and Business (3rd place). SGH took the 12th place in the general ranking which included all higher education institutions in Poland.

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This year, SGH spectacularly skyrocketed in the ranking which took into consideration the current internalization of the School. In 2022, the Warsaw School of Economics ranked 15th with 60.5 points. This year’s ranking finds SGH in the 5th place with 94 points. It is only the WSB University in Dąbrowa Górnicza, the University of Warsaw, the University of Economics and Human Sciences, and the Jagiellonian University that ranked higher with such criteria.

It has become somewhat of a tradition that the SGH Warsaw School of Economics takes the 1st place in the “Graduates on the labour market” ranking, being awarded all 100 points. In this respect, SGH took over, as last year, the Medical University of Warsaw (77.4 points) and the Main School of Fire Service (77 points), but the distance between SGH, which is now leading the ranking, and the Medical University of Warsaw is now bigger (in 2022 the Medical University of Warsaw had 88.6 points). The presented situation of graduates is quite similar to this year's results of the “Alumni’s economic situation” survey (ELA8) conducted in May, which showed that graduates of finance and accounting at SGH rank 8th in terms of best earnings. They are only surpassed by graduates on IT from other schools.

“Perspektywy” and similar rankings rely on certain groups of criteria, which take into account such aspects:

  • prestige,
  • innovation,
  • graduated on the labour market,
  • academic potential,
  • academic effectiveness,
  • publications,
  • teaching and learning,
  • and internalization.

Another ranking of higher education institutions, which encompassed 74 fields of study in Poland, allowed SGH to once again prove its position as a leader in the group of school of economics. Our school ranked:

1st in terms of finance and accounting, taking over the University of Warsaw and the Poznań University of Economics and Business,

2nd in terms of economics, taking place right behind the University of Warsaw, but before the Poznań University of Economics and Business,

and 3rd in terms of management, right behind the Kozminski University in Warsaw and the University of Warsaw.

A new field of study was added to the categories this year – information technology and econometrics. The SGH Warsaw School of Economics ranked 2nd (73.6 points), giving way to the University of Warsaw (100 points), but taking over the Poznań University of Economics and Business (65.1 points).

Comprehensive calibration preceded the ranking announcement. “The list of fields of study at Polish schools has as many as 1,700 positions – the monthly recaps. – the Education Foundation Perspektywy together with higher education institutions assigned these programmes to most popular fields of study or groups of such fields subject to evaluation.”

It is worth underscoring that the ranking of schools of economics, wherein SGH has ranked first for years now, the distance between SGH and the Kozminski University has decreased to 0.9 point (WSK) from 1.4 point recorded last year. In 2022, the ranking indicator amounted to 68.5 points for SGH and 67.1 points for the Kozminski University. This year it is 70.8 points for SGH and 69.9 points for the Kozminski University, which means that both schools improved their score.

‘I am very pleased that we have consolidated our position as the leader in terms of Finance and Accounting, and once again, like in previous years, we are the best, because we took the top position among the best schools of economics in Poland. As the Rector of SGH, I am particularly thrilled with the baseline of our graduates on the market, proven by the “Perspektywy” ranking, and before by the ELA 8 survey. SGH trains future leaders, but we also wish for their talents to find use in Polish economy’ emphasized, clearly happy with the “Perspektywy” ranking results, the SGH rector dr hab. Piotr Wachowiak, prof. SGH. ‘I am also content that we were able to significantly improve our position in the ranking in terms of internationalization of SGH.’

The full results of the 2023 University and Fields of Study Ranking of Perspektywy are available at