Multidimensional presence on the Economic Forum is SGH’s success measure

Forum Ekonomiczne

For several years, the SGH Warsaw School of Economics has been participating in the Economic Forum – the largest and most important economic congress in this part of Europe. Since 2018, each year it has been publishing the Report of SGH and Economic Forum – a cyclical publication that comprehensively summarizes the most important economic and social processes in Poland and the region Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

The report usually consists of several chapters, created by a range of SGH experts. Each year, it discusses various economic issues from different perspectives, such as economic growth and development trajectories of countries in our region, inflation, economic trends, or factors influencing economic development, including foreign investments. I believe that the expert diagnosis, arising from years-long established cooperation with the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, the organiser of the Economic Forum, is invaluable. A summary of the SGH and Economic Forum Report 2023 in the form of a special edition of Gazeta SGH is provided to forum participants.

Extensive topics covered in the report, as well as an in-depth and specialized analysis of Poland’s economic situation compared to the countries of the CEE, are the subject of panels and discussions involving experts from our university and external guests in the SGH Zone, and at numerous events of the forum in Karpacz. The second most important event, after presentation of our report, is the presentation the annual SGH Economic Award. In 2023, it was awarded to a legendary figure, an outstanding athlete, entrepreneur, and promoter of Poland’s image in the world, Czesław Lang. Who will be this year’s laureate, acknowledged for outstanding achievements in entrepreneurship and innovation, contributing to Poland’s economic development, remains to be seen. Candidates for the award can be nominated by representatives of the SGH academic community until June of this year by sending a message to my email address. The candidates will be evaluated by the jury, but the awarded person will only be announced at the forum gala.

The presence of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics at the Economic Forum in Karpacz is a massive logistical undertaking for us, involving over a hundred people: scientists, representatives of research units, administrative staff, students, doctoral students, and volunteers. Organization of the SGH Zone and events moderated by SGH experts at the Economic Forum is the responsibility of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer (CPiTT) in cooperation with SGH Rector’s Office. The press team is responsible for media, and the promotion team cares about the School’s image. 

I want to sincerely thank everyone involved in this major project, and I encourage readers of SGH Magazine to read both this special edition of our university magazine and the Report of SGH and Economic Forum 2023, and to participate in this year’s event, which traditionally takes place in early September in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains.  

Piotr Wachowiak

DR HAB. PIOTR WACHOWIAK, prof. SGH, Rector of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics