25 years of „Gazeta SGH”

25 years of „Gazeta SGH”

In 1993, as a journalist in ‘Przegląd Akademicki’ (now ‘Forum Akademickie’), I had a pleasure - today I would say: an honour - to participate in the first meeting of university magazine editors. Over the consecutive years, I have been watching the work undertaken by the indicated magazines’ editors with care and respect, taking advantage of increasing opportunities that accompanied changes in Polish higher education after 1989. Undoubtedly, the creators of Gazeta SGH’, which I have had the privilege of being the editor-in-chief for a year, used these possibilities as well by initiating a magazine in 1993, constantly accompanying subsequent groups of students, employees and authorities of SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

The changes taking place in the world during the aforementioned 25 years affected the SGH magazine as well. When the first issue of ‘Gazeta SGH’ was published, there was no web server in Poland yet! There were no public websites, electronic mail or social media. One could read in the first issue of ‘Gazeta SGH’: ‘[...] The SGH library has provided access to two economic databases on optical CD ROMs since the second half of 1992. [...] The indicated databases can be used at the SGH Library everyday [...] in a special CD ROM reading room on the ground floor in room No. 1, after prior consultation with the Library Information Department.’ Even from this fragment of the publication one could see that the university magazine was a very important, sometimes the only medium for giving information, presenting opinions, conducting discussions and sharing experiences.

The changes we have witnessed over the past quarter of a century have also influenced the manner of information transfer and the shape of the media. ‘Gazeta SGH’ exemplifies the situation best: at the beginning it was published as a biweekly, transformed into a monthly, and from 2017 it has appeared as a quarterly. We hope that we will keep on creating an inspirational magazine which is open to discussion and that performs informational, integrative, promotional and documentary function. We expect that the planned launch of the professional version of ‘Gazeta SGH’ online will also contribute to fulfilling that objective.

We encourage you to cooperate and create the next stage of the magazine's history, which is part of the history of our university.

Jan Andrzej Nicał, the Editor-in-chief of „Gazeta SGH”.

The first issue of ‘Gazeta SGH’ was published on May 1, 1993. The person who was responsible for the shape of the magazine the longest was Dr Barbara Minkiewicz (the editor and the editor-in-chief in the years 1995–2002, 2008–2017. ‘Gazeta SGH’ was run by the editor Lidia Jastrzębska for seven years (2002–2008). Dr Jacek Wójcik, the originator of the magazine and its first editor (1993-1995), performed the function of the deputy editor-in-chief in the years 2008–2017. The editorial secretaries were successively: Eliza Przybylska, Elżbieta Moskalewicz-Ziółkowska, Katarzyna Growiec and Anna Domalewska. 

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the development of „Gazeta SGH”!