SGH, the knowledge partner of Impact, EFNI and OEES


SGH Warsaw School of Economics is the knowledge partner of three major economic congresses held in Poland: international economic congress Impact in Poznań, European Forum of New Ideas (EFNI) in Sopot, and the Open Eyes Economy Summit (OEES) in Kraków, not to mention Economic Forum in Karpacz.


Impact’23 took place on 10 and 11 May. SGH was directly involved in the event: there were panels with university authorities, the ranking of companies Lista 500 was announced in collaboration with the national newspaper “Rzeczpospolita,” and awards were presented to the laureates of two prestigious economic competitions.
According to the organizers, Impact’23 is one of the most important economic events in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2023, a total of 23 thematic tracks were provided, and nearly 200 speeches and discussions on business, global economic situation, irreversible climate change, and more effective protection of the environment, and development of healthier social relationships.


This is one of the most important conferences in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to global trends, new ideas, and the future of Europe. During dozens of events organized on 11-13 October 2023, business representatives, political leaders, decision-makers, and authorities from the world of science, discussed the most important challenges for businesses and societies in a changing world, global trends, and the future shape of the European Union.

The forum gathers over a thousand participants every year. SGH was a strategic knowledge partner of the event. This year, a large group of SGH lecturers went to Sopot. Not only did they participate in over 20 panels grouped by thematic tracks (Digital Transformation of Europe, Europe in Global Markets, European Green Transformation, Open and Diverse Europe, Future of Europe, Poland Before Elections, Rebuilding Ukraine), but were also guests of a television studio prepared with the national newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. Interviews with experts can be watched on the SGH YouTube channel.

“I have participated in EFNI five times already. It’s a conference like no other, and these are not empty words. Why? Firstly, it’s a unique and unprecedented combination of business, science, culture, and media. . . . An important part of EFNI programme are book presentations, meetings with their authors, and book sales, including scientific ones,” says dr hab. Małgorzata Molęda-Zdziech, professor of SGH, Rector’s Representative for Cooperation with the EU, Head of the Department of Political Studies.

“Secondly, what counts here is the European dimension. From the very beginning EFNI has been showing Poland as an active EU member. There are always representatives of EU institutions, organizations, especially BusinessEurope, of which the Polish Confederation Lewiatan is a member,” the sociologist adds. “Thirdly, EFNI emphasizes the strong position of women. Women are treated with dignity and respect; their voices are heard. Unfortunately, this is not a rule at business or scientific conferences, which are often filled with manels (panels without women). So, dear organizers of seminars and debates, take a cue from EFNI!” appeals professor Molęda-Zdziech. And she notes that the forum benefits from inviting representatives of the younger generation.


Open Eyes Economy Summit in Kraków, of which SGH was a co-organizer and main knowledge partner, took place for the eighth time on 21-22 November 2023. During the event, reports prepared by SGH experts were presented: Economic Credibility Index of Poland 2023, Healthy Cities Index 2023, and the report on Polish Employers’ Point of View of on the Situation of Women in the Labour Market. Our experts took part in numerous panels. For the second time at OEES, SGH Warsaw School of Economics prepared a television studio, this time in cooperation with the nationwide economic and business newspaper Puls Biznesu.

The Rector of SGH, dr hab. Piotr Wachowiak, professor SGH, Director of the Institute of Management, spoke to Gazeta SGH about the role of the university in generating social energy: “I am definitely in favour of the university being a catalyst for social energy. That is our mission. SGH shapes leaders, but above all, it shapes citizens. We want our students and graduates to be aware that the future depends on them. We tell them to make impact. It is extremely important. This is also why we encouraged young people to vote. 

“For me, the university is where social attitudes are shaped and where the foundation is laid for social energy to develop in a positive direction, so that people want to be active, to step out of their comfort zone. It’s about defending certain values, being able to create communities, being aware of this not only in short-term but also in long-term thinking. The social energy that we, as universities, institutions of higher education, want to create through civic attitudes and critical thinking, is very important. Reasonable arguments guarantee an exchange, dialogue, and perhaps a change in attitudes on both sides. Thus, the energy of change, progress and thinking is created, energy of acting for the good.”  

Karolina Cygonek

KAROLINA CYGONEK, Press Unit, SGH Rector’s Office