Compass for the whole community

When in 1971, being a young boy, I proceeded to the Baltic Sea on Zawisza Czarny sailing ship, I realised how beautiful and fascinating the sea was, but at the same time - how dangerous and unpredictable it might be. However, thanks to the compass, we always knew if we were heading in the right direction.

I can see a certain analogy between that sea voyage and our university, which has been sailing the ocean of knowledge for over a century. To keep up a good course, we also need a compass that guides our entire academic community in the right direction.

I am pleased to present the Code of Ethics for SGH employees, which is to guide us in making professional decisions and right choices.

This code is based on the key values of SGH, to which our university employees have included: professionalism, cooperation, honesty, respect and truth. These values generate the rules of conduct described in the Code and selected examples in the SGH Ethics Guide illustrating how our values and principles are implemented in practice. The guide is an open development, so I encourage you to supplement it with further examples.

I am glad that many SGH employees got involved in the process of creating and consulting the Code due to which the indicated document is our joint work. We are all obliged to comply with it: management staff, research workers and educators as well as administrative and service staff members.

I would like to emphasise that the development of the code is an element of shaping the social responsibility of our university. It is to support us in the implementation of the mission and a continuation of a glorious tradition of shaping leaders more than one hundred years long. It also constitutes our public declaration of compliance with the highest ethical standards.

The symbol of SGH Warsaw School of Economics is a galleon, and the Code of Ethics for the SGH employees is a compass suggesting which path to take.

I wish everyone that this Code would support us in our daily work.


, prof. SGH, the rector of SGH


professionalism » is understood as a high quality, responsible activity based on continuous development.

cooperation » means building good relationships based on trust and mutual support to create a community.

honesty » denotes a transparent and fair conduct in accordance with principles generally accepted in a society.

respect » is understood as friendly, dignified and equal treatment and keeping confidentiality.

truth » is an honest and courageous conduct in accordance with the facts and with the maintenance of objectivity.